Animal Actors is the first and longest running business of its kind in Australia. Christine Powell (pictured in the top left corner) first began providing animals to the film industry in 1974. Early productions using her animals included classics like "Cop Shop" and "The Sullivans". Over the years Animal Actors has provided animals for hundreds of Australian T.V. Commercials as well as films and stage shows.
Our training is reward based and is known as positive reinforcement training. Briefly this means that we do not rely on correction to tell the animal what not to do, but rather, reward them when they do something we do want. Rewards are usually in the way of food or toys but can also be other things. Training methods are covered in more detail at our information days.
We operate from a farm 1½ hours east of Melbourne (Victoria). All of the training is done there at our training school, where " Sit Happens "!