Animal Actors provides the animals for the television soapie, Neighbours. Bob is one of the boys at the 'house of trouser' (no. 30) and a particular pet of Toadfish. Audrey, Dahl and Casserole live at the Kennedy's with Susan. Harvey belongs to the Scully family.
Christine Powell owns and trains Bob, Audrey, Dahl and Caasserole. Harvey belongs to Heather Murphy and was cast on the show when Heather listed him for film work with Animal Actors. Animals listed on the books of Animal Actors often pick up work on Neighbours as 'extras' just like human actors. Some, like Harvey, strike it lucky and land a regular part. The writer also likes to include guest animals from time to time to enhance a storyline. If we do not have the animal listed, it is our job to source it from the many contacts we have developed over the years.
In 2005 Neighbours was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Logie awards as the longest running Soapie in Australia (20 Years). Everyone working on the show was offered the opportunity of being photographed with the Logie and Christine and Audrey took full advantage.