Sit Happens is the registered dog-training arm of Animal Actors. Over the years it has become apparent just how many people wish to train their dogs for film and television using our positive, humane training methods. As the word spreads, pet dog owners are also contacting us, some who are disillusioned with obedience schools where force is used and where some instructors still adhere to old-fashioned training methods and others who simply wish to learn a variety of new behaviours and tricks.
Our courses are run over four terms to coincide with the Victorian school year and begin with an introductory course of four weeks duration. The purpose of this course is to introduce the exciting and highly successful method of Clicker training/Operant conditioning. This requires an open mind, as it is quite different from traditional training methods.
By the end of the four weeks, you will have learnt the basic clicker skills to prepare you for the next level of training (level one). In level one, you will learn how to teach your dog basic good manners and some tricks. After completion of level one, you have the opportunity to advance to the other levels where a variety of behaviours are taught. To enrol in a Sit Happens course e-mail us to arrange an appointment for an initial assessment.
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