Due to the many hundreds of calls that we receive each year from people who wish their animals to work in the film industry, we have implemented a series of training courses. This is necessary to prepare both animal and handler for the unusual requirements of work on a film set. These courses are structured to enable the animals to reach a high standard as they progress through a series of levels to suit their abilities. For more training courses, have a look at the NEXT PAGE
DOGS - In order to service the film industry with reliable animals, we will not accept dogs on our books until they have completed level 1. The other levels are optional, although it is generally accepted that owners will want their dogs to advance at least one level per year. An introductory course of four weeks duration is held at our training school, " Sit Happens ", on the first Saturday of each month to prepare for level one. Prospective students must attend an information day to be eligible to enrol in the course. Please e-mail us to be sent information about the next information day.
CATS - As cats have special requirements, they are dealt with on an individual basis. Before listing your cat with Animal Actors, please consider whether it has the temperament to cope with a busy film set. Most cats are not suitable for film work. If your cat is very relaxed, even in unusual environments, then it may be suitable. If you decide that you do wish to list, please e-mail us and we will send you information on how to proceed.