Due to the many hundreds of calls that we receive each year from people who wish their animals to work in the film industry, we have implemented a series of training courses. This is necessary to prepare both animal and handler for the unusual requirements of work on a film set. These courses are structured to enable the animals to reach a high standard as they progress through a series of levels to suit their abilities.
HORSES - Before listing your horse with Animal Actors please consider whether it has the temperament to cope with a busy film set. If you decide that you do wish to list, please go to horse information and we will send you information on how to proceed.
BIRDS - Birds can be trained to do an amazing variety of tricks. Private lessons are available on request. E-mail us if you would like to make a booking.
OTHERS - We believe that almost all animals can be trained using our methods of positive reinforcement (reward based). If you have an unusual animal that you wish to list, or to book a lesson, please e-mail us.